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South Carolina Sea Turtles - 46 Years of Stewardship

On Tuesday, May 14th at 1pm at the Charleston Visitor Center, discover the active conservation efforts for marine turtles with Michelle Pate from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources - Marine Turtle Program. Dive into the annual sea turtle nesting season from May through September, witnessing the "First Emergence" of hatchlings as early as mid-July through early November. Last year, over 6,500 loggerhead sea turtle nests were recorded in coastal South Carolina, thanks to the dedication of the state's marine turtle program staff, volunteers, and citizen scientists.

Learn about the inception and impact of the program on marine turtle populations, and explore topics such as turtle habitats, the influence of climate change, nest relocation procedures, response to strandings, turtle tagging, and genetic studies revealing insights into some of the state's oldest residents.

Additionally, find out how you can contribute to wildlife conservation efforts, report sightings, or become a volunteer. Managed by the SCDNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program, this initiative has been safeguarding sea turtles in South Carolina since the 1970s, employing a comprehensive approach encompassing management, monitoring, research, and education to ensure the long-term survival of these threatened and endangered species. Secure your ticket today for this insightful event at the Charleston Visitor Center!


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